Working Methodology

At SAIGMA, we use specific and a comprehensive range of time proven software methodologies based on the nature of the project domain, client business model and client specific IT needs. By following a well defined working methodology, we ensure smooth and streamlined web design and development processes with the highest possible degree of success. This has made us evolve a highly effective form of work-style for the rapid analysis, design, development, implementation and maintenance of applications and customized solutions.

When we talk about our methodology, it is purely based on client specific needs and requirements; we take up a unique Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process aims at attaining the customer’s ultimate requirement with utmost satisfaction.


  • Planning (Requirements Analysis),
  • Implementation (Design & Development),
  • Quality Assurance & Testing,
  • Complete Documentation,
  • Deployment/ Installation, and
  • Maintenance/ Bug Fixing.

Customer Benefits

We trust that our methodologies speak the actual process to provide our prestigious clients the excellent quality of service for the solutions.

  • Deliverables Review & Confirmation,
  • Payment Flexibility,
  • Flexible Exits,
  • Precise Budget Allocation,
  • Effective Real-time Communication, and
  • Easy Return on Investment Calculation.

We deliver projects on-time, to specification with an effective real-time communication to keep our clients informed about the advancement of the project, and within the agreed budget.