Internet, If used right , is the fastest and the more productive way of advertisement for businesses for all sizes reach out thier potential customers. The introduction of various websites, portals, micro sites and web forums etc proves this fact & the rising demand for e-banners explains thier potential.Therefore, our experienced designers do not take too lightly the importance of visual branding and guarantee that your company’s Web & IT design products will be the reflection of its mission, values and credibility.

SAIGMA Strategic Systems, Inc. (S-SSI) is a home of qualified, knowledgeable and skilled designers with a successful track record of delivering conversion driven elegant & innovative Web & IT solutions, in record time. SAIGMA’s entirely different graphics design approach – “Understanding, Drafting, Analysis and Finalizing the clients design requirements” produces exceptionally remarkable yet functional designs without multiple iterations.

Solutions We Offer
No doubt, the design is the mirror image of your brand positioning and plays a fundamental role in building your corporate persona. So, S-SSI offers following Web & IT products:

    • Banners
      • Static Banmners
      • Animated Banners
      • Interactive Banners


Design Process
The design process at SAIGMA involves more than just mastering a graphics editing software.

1. Client Objectives

At this stage, the client fills up our ‘Comprehensive Design Wizard’ to make us understand his objectives.

2. Drafting

Here, our design experts prepare a rough but clear draft of the interface and layout.

3. Functionality analysis

It is in fact the stage of presenting the draft to business and marketing analyst/ team.

4. Layout Design

Our designers develop the layouts from finalized draft, and then send it to the client for his approval.

5. Client Response & Finalization

This is the last stage of finalization of the entire process after some changes suggested by the client.

Web & IT Clients

Our GD team caters not only for the look-and-feel, but also ensures the total user experience to meet application objectives. The aim is to enhance your Web & IT products in such a way that “Traffic Increases, Browses Longer and Deeper, Converts More Effectively, and Returns Often.” Our customized website design services are swift, competent, and reasonably priced.

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