Test Process Management

No doubt, the true balance of process, formal methods, standards, tools, experience, cultural capabilities and management are the needs of a successful product deployment. At SAIGMA, our professional software testing team has years of cumulative QA & Testing experience in ‘Test Plan, Testing Environment & Harness Preparation, Test Execution, Bug Reporting, Documentation and Analysis’. When SAIGMA puts together a project for you, our testing department works hard to integrate with your existing team; becoming part of the project, and not just an external testing resource. We analyze the software test process management (TPM) from the requirements gathering phase all the way up till and throughout deployment, which include:

  1. Test Planning
    These are in fact; the preliminary phases in any software TPM through which the procedures involve – Requirements Gathering & Analysis, Risk Assessment, Test Strategy, Approval & Tools Selection etc.
  2. Testing Environment & Harness Preparation
    At this stage, Test Scenario, Test Case Development, Test Automation Framework Design + Development & Test Scripts Creation are to be done.
  3. Test Execution
    It is a complex process, as these testing actions would consist of checking the software development process to collect test results based on a particular situation being tested. It consists of Manual/ Automated Software Testing (Finding Bugs, Bug Life Cycle) and Test Reporting (Report to Developer, Bug Fixing Management & Verification).
  4. Final Reporting & Analysis
    At this stage, the test results will be collected, analyzed and presented in a detailed report. Moreover, Final Report Preparation, Metrics Generation, Code Reviews, Defects Analysis & Recommendations are presented in detail.

Why SAIGMA Test?

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Challenges in TPM

Test process management has its fair share of problems associated with every step in the process, as:

  • Lack of Human & Technical Resources,
  • Time Constraint,
  • Management & legalization of the Requirements,
  • Communication Gap etc.

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