Speciality Services

Understanding your testing potential is in fact the 1st stage in developing a thriving testing practice. SAIGMA Strategic Systems Inc. has always taken an obdurate position in respect to quality of the software products & application lifecycle; from concept to launch. When SAIGMA puts together a project for you, our testing department works hard to integrate with your existing team; becoming part of the project, and not just an external testing resource. Our QA lab provides profound knowledge of Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), tools and consulting for – Manual & Automated Software Testing.

At SAIGMA, our professional & dedicated testing team (DTT) has years of cumulative QA & Testing experience in:

  1. Web Testing
    SAIGMA Test is at the forefront of offering manual & automated website & web application testing, including – ‘Functional, Performance, Regression, Unit, Load/ Stress, and Compatibility (Browser, OS, Hardware) Testing etc’. The technology focus areas are; “HTML, XHTML, XML, Document Object Model, XML-RPC, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, SNMP, SMTP, SQLnet, WAP Standards (WML, WMLScript, WTP, WDP etc), HTTP & SSL/TLS, C, C++, Visual Basic, Java, J2EE, Java Beans, JavaScript & EcmaScript.
  2. GUI Testing
    We understand that an application with incorrect behavior or invalid user interaction can lead to huge problems. Therefore, SAIGMA offers automated GUI (Graphical User Interface) testing solution with higher test coverage levels, greater reliability, shorted test cycles, ability to do multi user testing at no extra cost, all resulting in increased levels of confidence in the application and its successful deployment.
  3. API Testing
    SAIGMA’s API testing of ‘Windows, MacOS X, Web Classic, Web 2.0, AJAX, Java & XML’ is found to be the most affordable, cost-effective, efficient, reliable & accurate solution by its customers. As it provides; developers with common reusable functions, and a level of abstraction between the application and lower level ‘privileged’ functions.
  4. Software Testing
    We effectively solve software testing tasks of any complexity, using manual testing & automation tools. Types of testing with ‘Top-down & Bottom-up’ strategies that we offer are:
  5. Functional Testing,
  6. Performance Testing,
  7. Regression Testing,
  8. Load/ Stress Testing,
  9. Unit Testing,
  10. Integration Testing,
  11. System Testing,
  12. Mobile Testing,
  13. Sanity/ Smoke Testing,
  14. Acceptance Testing,
  15. Usability Testing,
  16. Recovery/ Failover Testing,
  17. Security Testing,
  18. Compatibility Testing,
  19. Exploratory Testing,
  20. Ad-hoc Testing,
  21. Alpha & Beta Testing,
  22. Cloud Testing,
  23. Random Input Testing,
  24. Component & Field Testing,
  25. Volume Testing,
  26. Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) Testing,
  27. Qualification, Operational Testing,
  28. Client/ Server Testing,
  29. Mutation Testing, and
  30. The Box Approach – White-box & Black-box testing.
  31. Static Testing
    Here, we find errors in early stages of SDLC to improve the quality of the software products. It checks mainly the sanity of the code, algorithm, and document or reviews the code, requirements & design documents etc. Following are the Static Testing methods used at SAIGMA:

    • Reviews & Inspections – Informal & Technical Reviews, Desk Check, Walkthrough, Inspection and
    • Static Analysis Tools – Code & Complexity Analysis, Defect Detection, Coding Standards Enforcement.

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No matter what type of business you are in, SAIGMA Strategic Systems Inc. can provide you the exact ‘Manual & Automated Software testing’ services needed to solve your problems. Request for Proposal of our dedicated and focused team, responsible for controlling the testing activities and the automated support tools used in your project.