Quality Management System

SAIGMA Strategic Systems Inc. has always taken an obdurate position in respect to quality of the software products & application lifecycle; from concept to launch. Our independent QA and testing department not only helps the organizations exceed their customers’ expectations by accelerating time to market, effective documentation, minimizing the business risk & cost, but also enables them in achieving greater stability, efficiency and certainty in their delivered complex software and systems engineering solutions. With this approach, SAIGMA’s quality management software team makes quality a shared responsibility – not soloed or disconnected.

Our Quality Management System (QMS) is a complex set of engineering and managerial activities that ensures the high quality of software products based upon some of the following QM beliefs:

  • Customer Satisfaction,
  • Active & Enabling Leadership at all Levels,
  • Course Analysis,
  • Realistic Process Approach,
  • Involvement of QA Engineers & Testers,
  • Continual Improvement.

Life Cycle Quality Management (LQM)

At SAIGMA, the concurrent interaction of the software development & QA team ensures a better understanding of the client’s business objectives. We allocate our lead QA specialist from the project’s preliminary stage; early business analysis & requirements specification. Our Quality Management System includes the following phases:

Why SAIGMA Test?

  • Our Clients
  • Domain Expertise
  • Test Tools
  • Dedicated Testing Team
  • SAIGMA Benefits


  1. Quality Plan
    LQM begins with a quality plan in which the responsible QA lead studies the project specifications and clearly defines the product requirements for performance, reliability and safety. Whereas, other elements of the product development life cycle are accountable to the standards set in the quality plan.
  2. Quality Assurance
    In this phase, with integrated approach to Life Cycle Quality Management (LQM); our skilled QA engineers & experienced testers conduct quality assurance procedures, such as; Review, Inspection & Testing.
  3. Quality Control
    Here, QA lead manages the entire quality process from end-to-end to ensure continuous quality at the ‘speed of change’.
  4. Quality Improvement
    In this final phase, our QA & Testing team continuously improves the release process, meets time-to-market goals by introducing new efficiencies into the quality process and extends quality to encompass previously uncovered areas.

At SAIGMA, a skilled use of analytical tools and employees’ involvement ensures a better understanding of the project scope and the client’s business objectives. Click here for a FREE Quote.