Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)

SAIGMA Strategic Systems Inc. provides an array of ‘Independent Verification & Validation’ services to SME’s and larger organizations by providing QA & Testing experts who get the job done within schedule and budget constraints. Our QA team ensures that; the project advances to final acceptance in a logical manner, project milestones are met, deliverables are adequate, and risks are efficiently managed. In fact, our IV&V is the process of:

  • Verifying that you get what you expect from your software development efforts, and
  • Validating that the software will result in a maximum return.

Our Independent Verification & Validation team performs profound technical analysis of the products & the procedures of system development. More importantly, IV&V acts as an independent unit without any bias that adds objectivity to analysis.

SAIGMA’s Approach to IV&V

Here, IV&V is not just QA; it advises the client when signs of problem begin to emerge so that the client can make plan to deal with the situation. The key principals involve here are; “Independent & Objective, Early Detection, Systematic Approach and Operational Value.” SAIGMA QA lab offers Independent Verification and Validation services into three stages:

Why SAIGMA Test?

  • Our Clients
  • Domain Expertise
  • Test Tools
  • Dedicated Testing Team
  • SAIGMA Benefits


  • Stage 1 – “Project Estimation”
    Initial Concept Estimation, Risks Evaluation, Estimation of Testing Procedures, and Documents Templates etc.
  • Stage 2 – “Development”
    Here, the ‘Assessment of Basic Architectural Solutions, Reviews, Software Source Code, Documentation and Independent Testing of Developed Software’ is done.
  • Stage 3 – “Acceptance”
    It’s the stage of ‘Final Acceptance Test and Formal Independent Validation of Developed Software’.

Our IV&V Experience

SAIGMA QA lab has been working actively in Independent Verification and Validation areas since 2009, and is well versed in the IV&V process as it applies to large software development efforts. Our QA & Testing teams are familiar with; IEEE Standards, IV&V Project Planning & Management, Traceability Analysis, Proposal, Design, Code & Cost Evaluation, Acquisition Management & Testing.

SAIGMA IV&V Advantages

Due to their extensive experience of SDLC, SAIGMA specialists are able to reveal problems in software development projects at the earliest stage. SAIGMA QA lab helps the clients in:

  • Getting Fair Thorough Data that Assists to Assess the Real Project Progress & to Reveal the Project Failure Signs,
  • A Clear ROI (Return on Investment),
  • Reasonable Labor Rates & the Best Value Solution,
  • Discovering Requirements Misunderstanding,
  • Getting Impartial Quality Estimation of the Developed Software, and
  • Mitigating Topical Outsourcing Risks Associated with High Workforce Attrition.

Above all, you can avoid lots of bad expenses and enjoy the real benefits SAIGMA’s IV&V services. Click here for a FREE Quote.