Employee Benefits

SAIGMA, as a company of IT professionals, has something for everyone who wants to build a successful career. We believe that our strength lies in our people. At SAIGMA, you’ll find supportive co-workers and dynamic business environment, typified by a high degree of competition and the tools you need to pursue your interests, develop your skills and advance your career.

What we offer

We offer excellent compensation and benefits along with a structured career plan, congenial working environment, job security and …

  • Paid Days Off & Sick Pay: Regular, full-time employees are entitled to get 15 Paid Leaves each year (1 Leave for each month & 2 leaves on every 4th month), inclusive of sick leaves but exclusive of Sundays in a year. Additional leaves can be granted depending on the severity of the case.
  • Holidays: We follow the pattern of holidays that is set by the Government of Canada. These holidays are paid and are excluded from the annual leave quota.
  • Healthcare Benefits: We give complete medical insurance benefits to our associates.
  • Loans: Regular employees are provided financial assistance in case of any emergency.
  • Training Programs: We train our new as well as existing employees. The company designs the training programs by matching current deficiency levels. We finance our employees with their seminars, training workshops etc.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Performance Bonus,
  • Employee Assistance Program, and
  • Free Parking (on Company-owned surface lots), as available.

This information is intended to give a general overview of SAIGMA’s benefits. If you have any query, you may e-mail at hr@saigma.com or call +1-647-783-2552.